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Ghee: What is it?

Hayley Constance



Ghee is simply clarified butter; butter that has been slowly simmered to remove the milk proteins, water, and sugar, leaving pure butterfat and making it a safe and healthy fat for those with dairy sensitivities.

Ghee is also a saturated fat, making it perfect for cooking at high heat. Monounsaturated oils (macadamia nut oil, peanut oil, etc) and polyunsaturated oils (soybean oil, grapeseed oil, corn oil, etc.) especially are considerably less stable than saturated fats and heating these oils cause them to oxidize, causing free radical damage in our bodies when we consume them. Coconut oil and ghee are our preferred cooking oils for this reason; they can be heated at temperatures in excess of 400 degrees without being damaged.

Ghee and butter from healthy, happy, grass-fed cows is high is vitamin K2, beta carotene, and Vitamin A. All of these vitamins together work to promote brain function, ensure healthy skin, and boost immunity.

With the consistency of butter and a slightly nuttier taste, it is a delicious addition to our Paleo Pancakes and for cooking up potatoes and vegetables. Grass-fed, pastured butter like Kerrygold or Vital Farms is also perfectly healthy for those who do well with dairy but to keep our meals accessible to everyone, we opt for ghee!

Want to make your own ghee to use at home? It's super easy, promise. Check out this tutorial by Wellness Mama.


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