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Our Team

Katie Hermann - Owner and Founder

Katie discovered a love for cooking at a very young age. She has very fond memories of sitting on the counter cooking with her mom and grandfather. She still loves to cook and finds gratification in making people happy and satisfied.

Katie graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX in 1992 and while attending school, she also ran a catering company called "Starving Student's Catering" and managed a TCBY store.

After college, Katie attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. She graduated first in her class and earned the "President's Scholarship".

In 1997, she opened The Range at the Barton House which she managed and operated for 15 years. During that time she was able to be a part of many wonderful events including Jenna Bush's rehearsal dinner with multiple Presidents in attendance.

In 2014, Katie purchased Classic Catering and in 2016 she expanded it to include Rosie Jo Meals which allowed her to combine Food, Fitness, Faith and Family all into one.

The name Rosie Jo was inspired by 3 important people in Katie's life. John Rosanky (also known as Rosie by his friends), Katie's partner, and Jo, Katie's mom's middle name and also her maternal grandfather's name. They have influenced her love of cooking, always encouraged her, and loved without boundaries.

Katie is a mother of 4 and her children Joseph, David, Luke and Sarah are her reason for building the business. They are incredibly supportive, which is important as there are long hours involved!

Rosie Jo Meals is the proud caterer for Faith RX'd and Power Monkey Fitness!


John Rosanky - Coming Soon!




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