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Our Food Philosophy


Here at RosieJo we pride ourselves on serving up delicious meals that also nourish your body.

The meals you will see offered on a regular basis follow a basic Paleo template; no grains, gluten, dairy, corn, refined sugars, or vegetable oils. We believe this approach to be beneficial for everyone as it's very anti-inflammatory and excludes foods that are generally lacking in nutrients.

We focus on using seasonal fruits and vegetables, filling portions of protein, and cooking with only natural oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and ghee.

We also recognize that there is not one diet that will be ideal for everyone. A strict Paleo approach would benefit almost everyone for some time but often people thrive with a denser carbohydrate source or enjoy and do well with occasional dairy. For this reason you might see white rice or feta cheese included in some meals but they are always clearly labeled if you do wish to avoid them.

Our goal is to take out the guesswork; when you're ordering from us you can be sure you're ordering meals that are going to keep you productive, healthy, and energetic. As for your other meals, the power is (as it always has been) in your hands.

We encourage balance and finding what makes you feel YOUR best, mentally and physically. We often find that looks like eating whole foods 85% of the time, and enjoying some chips and salsa out with friends the other 15% (we are from Texas, y'all).

Have any other questions about us? Feel free to shoot us an email at and let's talk!



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