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The Fittest Games 10 Recap

Hayley Constance

The RosieJo team took The Fittest Games 10 in Austin by storm this past weekend! Two full days, over 1000 customers served, and a 7th place Pro-Division finish by our outstanding team.

We set up shop in way of a food truck and served up our famous grass-fed beef burgers, pulled pork, grain-free lasagna, and chicken stew, just to name a few. We were thrilled to feed so many and be a part of a weekend that celebrates health and fitness.

If you haven't seen our Instagram (follow us! @rosiejomeals) you may not know that we have several amazing athletes that we sponsor, five of which joined us down here in Texas for a few days to compete in The Fittest Games.

(from left: Tori Dyson, Dan Melzar, Vanessa McCoy, Cogen Nelson)


They battled it out in qualifying to place in the pro-division and went on to place 7th out of 20 teams for the weekend after some absolutely killer workouts.

Our team originally comprised of Tori, Dan, Vanessa, and Eamon Coyne, while our athlete Cogen Nelson qualified individually for the Games. Unfortunately Eamon suffered a shoulder injury just days prior to the event and wasn't able to compete. No worries, though! Cogen was able to step in for him on the team while he coached from the sidelines. Both did a phenomenal job adapting to the circumstances and came into their new roles no problem.

(Eamon Coyne)

It's always so motivating to work these kinds of events but having our own athletes brought us closer into the community and gave us a first-hand look into the incredible things these athletes do on a daily basis. The camaraderie, support, and enthusiasm that everyone has for each other, whether it be during a workout that highlights your weaknesses or one that plays to your strengths, is inspiring and something we hope to emulate in our business. 

Keep an eye on our athletes as the CrossFit Games Open starts at the end of the month; these are some incredible athletes that are sure to do great things. 


As for the food, all in favor of a RosieJo food truck?!

 (All photos c/o Jordan Samuel Photography)

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