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Whole30, Sugar Detox, Macro Challenges, Etc. - RosieJo Fits with Your New Year Nutritional Challenge!

Hayley Constance

You know what January means; new goals, packed gyms, and nutritional challenges to get your year started off on the right foot and hopefully fulfill some healthy resolutions. We at RosieJo totally support the idea of a short-term intervention to launch you in to a sustainable healthy lifestyle and commend you for taking on the challenge! We also hear that it’s hard to bridge that gap because the short-term plan proves to be challenging in a number of ways:

1. You have no idea what to eat. It seems like you’ve only eaten a salad and lunch meat every day for the last week but what else is there that’s healthy? (hint: a LOT of things) You aren’t eating grains, sugar, dairy, or legumes, so what can you eat? (hint: the BEST things)

2. You’re tired of cooking! Eating well is making you feel great and all, but sometimes you just don’t have the time to prepare all this food. Even the things you do cook might be underwhelming and not satisfying, perpetuating the myth that eating clean is gross.

3. The plan is making you neurotic. You never thought this much about your lunch before and it’s really stressing you out. Finding new recipes, grocery shopping, weighing and measuring, cooking, etc. is really adding a lot of work to your already overfilled plate. 

If any of these scenarios are getting in the way of you being a healthier person, we can help.

As you already know, all of our meals are premade and delivered to you ready-to-eat by our own Chef Katie, graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. This fact alone means you’re eliminating the hassle of shopping, recipes, measuring, and cooking and are guaranteed to have amazing tasting food every time.

Our menu has something for everyone, no matter what nutritional challenge you’ve taken on.

All meals have listed ingredients and a full nutrition label to make tracking easy and give you peace of mind about what you’re eating. All our meals are free from gluten, soy, and refined oils and sugars, usually dairy and all other grains unless otherwise stated, and all allergens are clearly listed in the ingredients. We cook solely with extra virgin olive oil, coconut, palm, and avocado oils to include a full range of brain-healthy dietary fats. Any added sugar to our meals is in the way of pure maple syrup, local honey, or organic coconut sugar and can also be found clearly labeled in the ingredients list if you’re on the Whole30 or a similar sugar detox.
RosieJo Meals are structured to include a generous 6 oz. serving of protein, at least one serving of vegetables, and a serving of starchy carbs (sweet potatoes, potatoes, white rice, squash, etc.). These proportions set you up perfectly to have an energizing and satisfying meal that won’t leave you feeling deprived or like you’re on a “diet”.
If you feel stuck and aren’t sure where to go with your nutrition, RosieJo is a great resource to have. Whether you need ready-to-go meals to fit your busy schedule, you don’t feel like cooking again, or you just don’t know what a healthy meal should look like, ordering with RosieJo will provide a tasty meal and a template for you to make healthy choices down the road.

If you have any questions regarding our food, nutritional breakdown, ingredients, if we can fit with your nutrition plan, etc. please email Hayley, our on-staff holistic nutritionist at

Happy eating!

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