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Power Monkey Camp 6 Recap

Hayley Constance


After an exhausting and amazing time at Power Monkey Camp 6 this past week our staff is back in the office and getting back into the swing of things. We haven't fully recovered, sleeping 9 hours a night without interruption and still hoping for a nap during the day, but it's always worth it and we are already looking forward to camp again in April!

It being our second time to attend camp we knew what to expect and were able to constantly be ahead of the game rather than constantly working; a huge blessing that meant more playtime (and naps) for us.

Our staff served up some of our favorites, like our Paleo Blueberry Scoes and Grass-fed Beef Lasagna which were both big hits (but is anyone surprised?). 

We can't say enough about the Power Monkey Camp experience. Logistically, the camp is ran seamlessly and offers so much invaluable information that we recommend it to anyone who has the means to go. The days are planned mindfully and the small group coaching sessions allows real relationships to grow between staff and campers that continues on much after camp.

Dave and Sadie Durante and Shane Geraghty have really made something great here and have escalated it even further by filling their staff with talented, dedicated, and, most of all, genuine people. Nice really does attract nice.

(photo c/o: Richwell Correa )

(photo c/o: Richwell Correa )



Until April!




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  • Greg on

    I ate like a king all camp! I can’t believe it took me until today to put in my first order. Looking forward to the feast.

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